Using Notion as a CMS for your blog for free

Why to use Notion as your CMS?

Notion is a great tool for writing. It supports markdown, images, layouts, videos, embeds, bookmarks, tables and databases. It’s like the modern day Microsoft Word.

I recently started my blog, and coded it myself. But I soon realised that my CMS lacked many features that Notion had. So I decided to use Notion as my CMS.


I searched online for solutions and found the following Github repository. It allows direct deployment of a Website to any cloud providers like Heroku, Vercel, Netlify and many others.

Using this repository, I was able to create a blog and deploy it to Vercel.

You don’t need any NextJS experience to do it yourself (because I myself don’t know NextJS!). Just follow the README file steps and you can set it up yourself! You can also choose a cloud provider like Vercel or Heroku or Netlify which allow free plans to begin with!

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Aditya Karad

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